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By: Meor Amir

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ZTH Unofficial Honda Gathering. Early 2005/

En route to KL. Masa itu emas.
Lahhh. Baru brape bijik je ade?
More n more coming! Michael talking to the 'officials' ngeh ngeh
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It all started with a sms from a friend, "would u like to attend a honda gathering @ awan besar?" Since i had nothing to do for that particular weekend, why not. Arrived quite early at the R&R. Still wondering how did all the Civic EF owners got the info to gather at the same place since we didnt even know each other! Well thats what we call the power of telecomunication medium.

Before maghrib only a few EF owners turned up. But after maghrib - MORE THAN 60 EFs AND CRXs PLOTTED DOWN AT THE CARPARK!. This is like the biggest unofficial gathering ever for the 4th generation civic chassis! After isya all 67 EFs and CRXs convoied in a straight line to Damansara Perdana for a TT session - i swear it was incredible..and to tell ya, of all the EGs, EKs, Fits, Integras... the EFs turned all the heads with a very grand entrance to the parking lot..

Session ended around 1am, after evryone had their meals and chitchatted among each others. some went home and so did i..Others went to shah alam for their machine test session haha. too bad only a few pics taken before bertolak. malam hampeh. tak nampak apa. next time more colorful cars will be featured.

Up next...the gathering that formed EF Club of Malaysia

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JB Posse

My car after gettin a new set of wheels.
My car after gettin a pair of JDM decals.
Lan's Wish Wald version. 3 hari dpt trus tuka rim.. ohh.
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Having a hard time uploading the pics. Its a dial up for crying out loud. Curse you DiGi.

Anyway, some pics of my closest buddy back in JB, with their own mean machines.. been missing those furious nites at Pasir Gudang, and not to mention - 2nd link muahaha.

Ignore the quality mates. this are just pure focus-point-and-snap pics. No techie stuff involved (macam la kamera aku ni gempak sgt) menggigil2 tangan nak snap.. ringan sgt kot kamera haha. Owh did i tell u, i actually did snap some pics using the D1X last week? YES, me, snapping pics with the D1X - the mother of all DSLR. aduss.. Cant wait for my darling to get her camera!

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Arab's Akad Nikah & Wedding Ceremony

purple haze all over the place
menunggu tok kadi.
masih menunggu tok kadi..
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A good friend of mine, Farid a.k.a Arab settled down earlier this down, few more to go. Whose next? Me, E, or Idz

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A lil sumthing abt me

Family Values
Hassle-Full People
Scissor Sisters
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Okay. lets start with the basics. as u can see, my pics were taken during raya time. this is like the toughest time of mine as i had to deal with the very scrumptous raya food, the complexity of smoking at 10am (after 1 month of fasting) and definitely the queue for the jamban - after having the scrumptous raya food, err whichever comes first. On top of that, i also had to accomodate the mother's request to wear baju melayu with sampin which will make me 'berlengas' after a mere 15mins of wearing it. But its worth evry single second as i think i looked gorgeous in the baju melayu. Haha! Apart from that, i got my chance to sit on top of the titi made from the coconut tree, staring into the very much missed parit kampung, smoke my ciggie and reflecting what i have done for the past 1 month of Ramadhan..


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